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We are passionately driven to connect you with powerful stories crafted by talented people around the world.


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Our Values

Ready to Join the StoryaVerse?

We are driven to connect and share stories

Storya was born to empower writers from all around the world with the choice, tools and options to shine. Storya is an intentional act to bring diverse voices and perspectives together in the fiction storytelling world.

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The new wave of Digital Publishing

Powered by AI technology, writers have the opportunity to co-create with like-minded talents from across the globe, overcoming the barriers of borders and languages.

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Empowering creativity through human connections

We believe in creating unique stories that are easily shared to everyone around the world. Storya is more than an app but an action to ensure we continue to empower creativity within the fiction storytelling world. Most importantly, at Storya we value every way we can to enable creators the most direct access and choice to monetize their own stories – any language, location and genre.

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Diverse voices and perspectives

We are driven to push the boundaries of representation to ensure diverse voices and perspectives at all times. At Storya we ensure and protect the values of equality, fair practice and one voice. We believe we can and with writers all around the world, regardless of language or backgrounds, we will.

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Be the change

We believe the success of great stories and writers should not be limited by how things have been. At Storya, we value driving necessary change ahead of time to support the creators community. We are motivated by changes that will set the community up for sustainable success by directly enabling access to alternative avenues and options for their stories to thrive.

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Founder & ceo

Paolo Danese


Bilingual Author,
Pubtech Entrepreneur,
Former Journalist and Editor


Praveen Kumar


Author, R&D Leader,
10+ years in Software Development


Lweendo Hamukoma

South Africa

Storyteller and
Cultural Worker,
Public Programs Curator


Nahuel Furrer


Head of Marketing,
Marketing Consultant,
Fractional CSO, CMO & BD


Naveen AV


Test Lead,
Senior Consultant,
10+ yrs in Software Industry


Karen Khaw


Management Consultant,
20+ yrs in Communications

Strategic De&I advisor

Mukta Arya


Managing Director,
Regional Head of Human Resources


Nonku Adumetey

United States

Author, Leader,
Population Health Management

UI/UX designer

Rasyid Annas


Graphic Designer,
UI Designer, UX Designer


William Moore


Digital Marketing,
Social Media Manager

web marketing manager

Mohsin Elachab


Growth Hacking,
Web Marketing Strategy

WEB marketing manager

Sara Pinto


Digital Marketing,
Social Media Manager

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Frequently Asked

What is Storya?

Storya is a storytelling app that delivers the power of technology straight into the hands of writers and readers across the world. Storya connects fiction lovers, giving them the ability to read fiction from authors anywhere through smart AI translation, social networking, and Web3 features like NFTs. Language and physical pages are no longer barriers to creativity. Storya wants to be the home for ALL genres.  We are the first truly writer-centric, diverse, equitable and inclusive publishing platform.

What does Storya offer writers?

Storya offers:
- Free AI translation
- Easy ways to collaborate on writing projects
- NFTs and Tokenisation capabilities

The App already offers free and powerful neural machine translation, which means your content instantly lives in multiple languages as soon as it is published on the app! We also offer free AI art generation, to illustrate your content with beautiful artwork. We are also working to add AI narration capabilities to bring your content to life as audio.

Ultimately, Storya plans to use AI to assist authors in their creative writing with grammar, form suggestions, and even predictive writing capabilities. Our tech dream is to create a personalized “AI second brain” for each writer.

Why does Storya rely on AI translation?

Storya is a platform that wants to promote inclusivity and diversity in the creator economy. We believe the collaboration features of the platform will definitely allow translators and other professionals to connect with creators and work with them on Storya projects and share future revenues, for example. However, the fact of the matter is that a big percentage of creators around the world right now cannot afford human translators or struggle to find ones that might understand their specific niche or genre. We believe technology can be an amazing tool to promote creators from languages other than English that lack the resources to bring their amazing stories to the world.

Is Storya free?

We have just launched the app which will be free to use except for monetized stories. Eventually, we will move to charge a subscription fee of US$4.99 to support the project and start paying writers who wish to monetize their stories. For full transparency, we may increase our subscription fees in the future to ensure we can better support authors, as well as finance the development of new amazing features.

How will writers earn on Storya?

Authors will be completely free to decide how (and if) to monetise their content on Storya through subscriptions, digital content sales and NFTs. We believe that the authors should not be spending all their time and money marketing (which is not fair to authors), but finding those 100-200 readers (or more!) who support you regularly so you can focus on the thing you are good at: writing amazing stories.

How will writers receive revenue?

Earnings from NFTs will go directly to creators, while Storya only collects a small platform fee. But that is just one way to earn on Storya: we are planning collaborations with big brands where you'll be able to earn with your storytelling skills, as well as through Storya-sponsored collaborative projects. We are building the StoryaVerse, and we want you to be a part of our community in it! 


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