Heroes, Lovers, Everyday People, Historical Greats

They have one thing in common:
Stories waiting to be told and heard
About Us

Stories are What Unites Us

Beyond languages and cultures
The new wave of Digital Publishing

Storya is powered by AI:
AI Translator and AI Art Generator. We aim to help authors and writers in overcoming the barriers of borders and languages. We believe technology can be an amazing tool to promote creators from all languages.
Beyond genres and labels
Empowering creativity through human connections

Storya is more than an app but an action to ensure we continue to empower creativity within the fiction storytelling world. We believe in creating unique stories that are easily shared with everyone around the world.
Beyond borders and conflicts
We are driven to connect and share stories

Storya was born to empower writers from all around the world with the choice, tools, and options to shine. Storya is an intentional act to bring diverse voices and perspectives together in the fiction storytelling world.


Storya Team

Meet Our Team

Founder & ceo

Paolo Danese


Bilingual Author,
Pubtech Entrepreneur,
Former Journalist and Editor

CO-Founder & cTo

Praveen Kumar


Author, R&D Leader,
10+ years in
Software Development

co-founder & chief DE&I

Lweendo Hamukoma

South Africa

Storyteller and
Cultural Worker,
Public Programs Curator


Nahuel Furrer


Head of Marketing,
Marketing Consultant,
Fractional CSO, CMO & BD


Naveen AV


Test Lead,
Senior Consultant,
10+ yrs in Software Industry

UI/UX designer

Rasyid Annas


Graphic Designer,
UX Designer, UI Designer

Web marketing Manager

William Moore


Digital Marketing,
Social Media Manager

web marketing manager

Mohsin Elachab


Growth Hacking,
Web Marketing Strategy

web marketing manager

Sara Pinto


Digital Marketing,
Social Media Manager

Top 3 Stories


Top 3 Stories

Keep Quiet

Top 3 Stories

The Billionaire's Lucky Charm

Choose Storya

Find stories you did not know were possible.
Find new voices waiting to be heard.

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"Great looking app. Easy to use and publish for writers. It's so cool to read and interact with stories from around the world. I plan to publish some of my stories here and get to know other story tellers. I've not used a publishing platform which feels so simple and writer-centred before."

Phil Charter

Play Store

"Been nice so far 👍👍👍 still got a lot to be done but they're making lots of progress. I love it! 😁🥰"

Testimony Sonowo

App Store

"This is one of the coolest writing Apps I have used. It's perfect for writers to publish short stories and leverage opportunities to use NFTs as well. Love it!"


Play Store

"Finally a serious app, which sets no boundaries, well done! 🤗"

Angela La Corte

Play Store

"I really like the possibility of translating the same story into different languages"

El Baúl del Detective

Play Store

"Your literature app is very good. I want to write in Bengali here."

A h a

Are you a Creative Writer?

With Storya, we offer you a new way of thinking about publishing. We want to take you to the future with AI tools, to capture the opportunities of Web3

Learn more here

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